Radical Sun Tanning and Swimwear

Founded in 1985, Radical Concepts has gone through many different transformations. Beginning as Radical Concepts Novelty Limited, the shop grew from a simple smoke and novelty shop. Rebranding as Radical Leathers, the shop catered to the motorcycle enthusiast, and in 2001, we opened our first spin-off business, Radical Sun Tanning and Swimwear.

Need to put a little sun in your cheeks? Radical Sun Tanning is just what the doctor ordered. Our sessions never expire and can be shared with friends and family. Purchase tanning packages by the minute of full 20minute sesseions. With state-of-the-art tanning beds, and hot new bulbs, we offer you a most Radical tanning experience. Each room is decorated to create a relaxing environment, each bed has eight built in body fans to cool your tan.  We carry an extensive line of tanning lotions to speed up the tanning process, acceleators, bronzers, body blush and tingles.

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When we started Radical Sun and Tanning as a side venture back in 2001, we had no idea that the business would fill such a void in the market. We thought, "we're selling them the sun, let's sell them the suit to go with it!" And it was a hit! But it wasn't enough to sell just a couple of tankinis. Radical began to seek out what department stores weren't carrying.

Catering to the individual who wants to wear a swimsuit and not let it wear her, we listened and only stocked the finest in Brand Name Designer swimwear. From such names as Billabong and Guess, Speedo, Christina, Baltex and others, we began carrying everything from the itsy-bitsy to double Ds. Our suits are top quality, and in some cases, we're the only place east of Montreal you will find these designs.

We fit them all, in all sizes in all styles. So for hard to find looks to that perfect fit, Radical Concepts is the place to hit, before you hit the beach.

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Session Packages
Sessions never expire and can be shared with your friends and loved ones if you wish to do so. Our session packages are, minute for minute, cheaper than our minute packages, and a great option for tanners who utilize the full 20 minutes per tan.

1 Session


2 Sessions


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


20 Sessions


Minute Packages
Each session included in our minute packages are a minimum of 5 minutes per tan, to a maximum of 20 minutes per tan. Minutes never expire and can be shared with your friends and loves ones if you wish to do so. Our minute packages are a great choice for customers who tan less than the 20 minute maximum per session.

300 Minutes


150 Minutes


75 Minutes